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Total Loans can assist you in applying for finance no matter where in the country you are. Everything is done by fax or email.


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We keep up with any changes in the market and introduce our clients to new lenders as soon as possible.


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We strive to keep you up to date on your loan progress at all times.


Fast Turn-around times

Total Loans strives to get you a loan in the shortest amount of time. If you have all the documents we require, your loan could be paid out the next day once approved.

By being your personal loan broker we can assist you in finding the best loan for your individual needs.



With the current economic scenario in South Africa it’s becoming extremely difficult for the man on the street to get a personal loan when in need of financial assistance. The reality is that the major banks usually insist on a perfect credit record and also ask for security before even looking at your application. That is why we are there to help.

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Just visualize the relief you can experience with the financial help that is at hand, despite the fact that you have a not so good/bad credit record. Would you be interested in applying for such a personal loan?

Here at Total Loans we make things easy for you by doing all the “hard work” on your behalf as we have years of experience and know exactly what to do to secure you the best loan available on the market. You can gain financial freedom again by applying for our bad credit loans for up to R150, 000

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What are blacklisted loans?

These loans are specially designed for the person with a poor or bad credit score assisting them with a personal blacklisted loan when they cannot get assisted by the banks.

Who is the Lender?

We are not the lenders. We act on your behalf by searching at our different service providers for the very best loan options for you. All our providers are registered by the NCR so all their brokers and agents must adhere to these rules as well. You are therefore protected by them as would not have been the case should you make use of the so called loan sharks. You can also take a look at our about us page.

You do not have to come in to us personally

That is the nice part. Today’s technology is making things easy for us and everything gets done by fax or email, we can therefore assist people country wide and not only in one Province. As soon as we present you with the pre quotation and you accept we forward you the relevant documents to sign. You return it to us and your part is done. When approved the money gets paid into your bank account.

Documents needed and why we ask it.

Documents we will need are your most recent salary advice, most recent 3 month bank statement as well as a clear id copy. Although the bad credit loans providers want to help the blacklisted consumer back on his or her feet again these loans are considered a very high risk and the lenders need the documents to work out your affordability, they do not want to over commit you again. It is also against the law to over commit clients.

Only apply from reputable lenders.

Only apply from lenders registered with the national credit act regulatory board. As the broker we do not have to be registered but have to abide to these rules as well as we are contracted by these registered lenders. To apply from a reputable lender:

You can also benefit by obtaining a bad credit blacklisted loan.

Besides getting the financial assistance you need there are other benefits for you as well. Let’s look at them.

By paying regularly you prove that you are trustworthy again and the lenders will gladly help you with bigger amounts when you need finance in the future.

Your credit score will increase which will allow you to become credit worthy again. If you need to buy a car or a house in the future it can be obtainable

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